It has come as a startling, yet encouraging revelation that my young children already know a whole lot more about composting and worm farms than I do. It makes me smile to think that all the time that they spend in the ‘garden classroom’ at school provides them with such a valuable utility knowledge to create healthy habits instead of needing to break bad ones.  How times have changed, and it’s fabulous!

Coinciding with the onset of Plastic-Free July, I decided that I wanted to give composting a go. It seemed like the ideal way to deal with my veggie scraps and keep them out of the garbage bin!  In the past, I have been put off by horror stories about slimy, smelly compost and rat infestations, but given the high number of compost bins  in use around my neighbourhood, it can’t all be doom and gloom.

I listened to an excellent  tips and tricks for great compost podcast by Penny Woodward on Radio National, and downloaded this easy-to-follow composting fact sheet  and made a start.

I found the perfect shady spot in the back corner of my garden, and thanks to the hard work of husband and sons, converted the space into a functional composting area.


Now to pick a bin…

Vert I go! Gradually…


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