Plastic-Free July: Week 3

This is a week late publishing, however I feel compelled to share my progress (purely for my benefit)…

Week 3 PFJ was particularly exciting because I found a compost bin! A plain conical type purchased from Bunnings:


You could be forgiven for thinking it has erupted from the ground, but I had to bury its base 10cm underground, and add a layer of mesh to assist in the deterrence or vermin. We hope…!

It sits in a shady corner, alongside a pile of old leaves, twig and branches. Whenever I add kitchen scraps (my ‘green’ layer), I add a thicker ‘brown’ layer (twigs, dried leaves and shredded paper). Hoping to keep my carbon: nitrogen ratio right.  Feeling enormously grateful for all those deciduous trees in my yard right now!

Apart from redirecting fresh fruit and veg scraps from landfill, I have drastically reduced the amount of single-use plastic entering my home. This is the plastic waste I generated from last week:

Weigh-and-pay purchases, butchers, bakeries and independent grocery stores have facilitated this. I still have single-use (largely recyclable) plastics going into the recycling bin from purchases of rice, flour, sugar, pasta, etc made pre-PFJ and also those unplanned emergency purchases. And then there are toothpaste tubes and teabags…!!!

Next on my list:
  • Bin-lining – time to lose the plastic bin liner. I think I’m ready.
  • Local council – scope worm farms / bokashi bins
  • Tea (leaves)

Green I go. Gradually…


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